Participants from 26 departments and organizations attend #CTSPhackathon

Participants from 26 departments and organizations attend #CTSPhackathon

By Galen Panger, CTSP | Permalink

On Saturday, we welcomed 42 participants from 26 departments and organizations to the CTSP Proposal Hackathon, the Center’s first official event and the kick-off for our annual request for proposals, which opened today for applications.

While we caught a little good-natured flack for calling the event a hackathon (at five-plus hours, it was short by your normal hackathon standard), #ctsphackathon accomplished what it was meant to do: bring together potential fellowship applicants from across disciplines and organizations—including the Goldman School of Public Policy, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Berkeley Law, Psychology, the School of Information and the Electronic Frontier Foundation—to find collaborators and brainstorm project ideas.

We opened with four “igniter” talks (to use hackathon lingo) reflecting on the four focus areas before doing introductions for everyone in the room and allowing entrepreneurial types to pitch their ideas.

Lunch was followed by a 90-minute work session, where participants broke into teams based on similar interests and began brainstorming and developing their project ideas.

In the end, 10 teams presented project ideas ranging from the well-being and privacy implications of wearables, to the role of technological prowess in lobbying effectiveness. Teams received feedback from the audience and got cool Cal schwag as a reward for presenting.

Fellowship / project applications are now open. We hope to see proposals from collaborators who met at the hackathon among the applications, and look forward to seeing the ideas everyone—those who could attend, and those who couldn’t—proposes. The application deadline is Monday, October 12th at 5 p.m. PT.

Thanks again to our speakers—Anna Lauren Hoffmann, Pablo Paredes, Peter Rowland and Laura Ellena—and participants for making this event such a success.

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