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Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus

CTSP has four broad areas of focus. We’ve commented varyingly under each area to stimulate thinking—but these are just a start, not a complete picture of the many possibilities and interesting questions in each space.

Intersection of people, communities, and social norms with the Internet of Things (IoT), smart cities, ambient sensors, wearables, audio/video surveillance, etc. We are interested in: privacy and ethics of these systems, security opportunities and risks, optimizing benefits and minimizing risks of these technologies.

Democracy and governance, elections and campaigns, “fake news” and fact-checking, free speech and online censorship, public discourse and public sentiment, harassment and participation in online media, and empowering citizens through open data and open data tools.

How can we use technology to improve individual and community wellness and healthcare? What is the role of technology in undermining or supporting physical and mental health? We are interested in technology projects related to personal well-being, promoting healthy communities, enhancing and evaluating healthcare, providing more socially assistive technologies for those who are older and/or with disabilities, as well as improving personal security from a population to individual level.

The asterisks are used here to draw attention to the family of related concepts for projects of research or design related to:

in algorithms/designs/systems/tools/(open)data/research.

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