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The deadline for applications has passed. Thank you for your interest.

CTSP 2019 Fellows: Call for Applications

The Center for Technology, Society & Policy (CTSP) invites project proposals from small teams or individuals for our annual fellows application cycle. CTSP selects project proposals that fit within our areas of focus, and fund each team member as fellow for the 2019 calendar year. This year’s areas of focus include: Health + Sensors, Sustaining Democracy and Building Community, Integrating Safety & Privacy, Just Algorithms: Fairness, Transparency, and Justice and more information about these areas may be found HERE. Fellows are invited to participate in CTSP events and outreach activities throughout the year in support of their team project as well as their individual research interests.

Project proposals are due on December 13, 2018 by 11:59 p.m. PST on the CTSP website. To better understand the types of projects CTSP has funded in the past, view the project pages and fellow pages on the website. Selected fellows with an interest in cybersecurity are also eligible to become joint fellows with the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity (CLTC) and the Algorithmic Fairness and Opacity Working Group (AFOG).

2019 Fellowship Model:

  • Group and Individual Awards – Teams with more than 2 members will receive a maximum of $5,000 total, with funding levels determined by project scope. You may optionally submit a budget detailing how your team would allocate up to $5,000. Individual and Paired teams will receive $2,000/each.
  • Special Project Fellow – New this year, this student fellow will focus on one of our two special project themes: Tech Worker Organizing or Bay Area Housing Instability and Homelessness. They would receive $15,000 for sustained research and coordination with community partners on events, publications, and/or technology development over the course of one year. This funding is intended to be used for stipend and tuition reimbursement, expected in the form of a GSR during a semester or summer. This model is for individuals and not group projects. Individuals can apply for both the group/individual awards and the Special Project fellow – please submit separate applications.

Fellow Engagement and Commitment

  • Each team member becomes a CTSP 2019 Fellow.
  • Fellows are expected to become active members of the CTSP community and attend CTSP events, and will have opportunities to sponsor or speak at CTSP events featuring their work and areas of interest, and to write blogs posts for Citizen Technologist, the CTSP blog. The post can include findings or an update from your CTSP sponsored project, or address a separate topic of interest to CTSP.
  • Fellows must acknowledge CTSP support in publications and other outputs resulting from their fellowship related work, and complete a final report at the conclusion of the project or fellow year (December) documenting project progress.
  • Joint CTSP-CLTC fellows will have additional opportunities and acknowledgement from CLTC.
  • The special projects fellow would be required to produce at least two of the following during their year long tenure, in conversation and collaboration with the CTSP leadership: Event, White paper / report, Academic Publication, Verbal / video presentation of project.

Application Guidelines

CTSP seeks short-term project proposals that address one or more of the four focus areas: Health + Sensors, Sustaining Democracy and Building Community, Integrating Safety & Privacy, Just Algorithms: Fairness, Transparency, and Justice.

Proposal Requirements

Proposals must be de-identified and describe the project and how it addresses a specific problem or situation in the chosen focus area(s), and should include one or more clearly defined outcomes. The scope of what you or your team may propose to do is open-ended and may include a publishable paper, a detailed design or engineering prototype, a whitepaper or regulatory proposal, a public event or a documentary film. We are looking to fund thoughtful and creative but concrete ideas to advance the state of knowledge, solve problems, and promote understanding in the four areas. (See “De-identified project proposal” under “What to submit” below.)

Evaluation Criteria

Project proposals will be evaluated for impact, or their ability to advance the state of affairs in one or more of CTSP’s focus areas; collaboration, or their building of connections between individuals, multiple perspectives, skill sets and/or disciplines; and reach, or their relevance beyond purely academic or other niche audiences.

Application Requirements

  • Since close collaboration is a goal of the fellowship, teams of 2-4 people will be preferred to individual projects or large groups. If you are proposing an individual project, please describe any other planned sources of collaboration for your project, such as outside experts or organizations.
  • Teams led by or including undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs, are encouraged to apply. A current UC Berkeley affiliation for one or more team members is required.
  • Team members (especially more junior members) must have a very clear contribution to the project beyond assisting a more senior member in order to be considered a fellow.
  • Teams may work in collaboration with a faculty member (which must be detailed in the proposal), but CTSP is interested in funding *early* scholars in their work. Tenure track faculty members and other more senior scholars have many other funding opportunities available, and will not be considered as fellows.
  • Team members may apply on more than one team during this application cycle. However, a fellow will only receive one financial award but will be expected to complete their commitments for all projects accepted.
  • Past fellows are encouraged to apply again, but CTSP should not be seen as a continual funding mechanism for the same project. We hope fellows will propose new projects or substantial new additions to previously funded projects, and clearly state why continued affiliation with CTSP will help the project succeed.
  • Projects can be independent endeavors, or can be undertaken with the cooperation or sponsorship of a nonprofit, NGO, or government agency. If your project has a “client” as its beneficiary or collaborator, we will ask that you provide (through an attachment to the application) a statement from them confirming their sponsorship, outlining how the project will benefit their organization, and how your contribution will be maintained (if applicable) past the project’s conclusion.
  • Projects should be designed to accomplish stated deliverables within the fellow project timeline between January and December 2019. However, projects are encouraged to develop and continue past this tenure.

What to Submit

You must fill out the application HERE (the application form can be saved and returned to) and include an attached de-identified project proposal.

  • De-identified project proposal
    • Please remove personally identifying information in this first part so that proposal review can be based on the quality of the project idea rather than the identities of those involved, to the extent possible. In 1-2 pages (single-spaced), please describe your project, its length, how it addresses your chosen focus area(s), and the desired outcome(s) of your project. Details are useful, but please be succinct. Figures, sketches, hyperlinks, and references are welcomed though not required, and you can take an additional page to include these if necessary. If you wish to use a more expanded version of an individual fellow project to apply for the Special Project Fellowship, you may apply for both with the same application. Please append up to 2 additional pages to your de-identified project proposal: detailing the expanded version (including any changes to the Deliverables).

Applications are due Thursday, December 13, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST.

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